Ronni Campana takes us into the wonderful and bizarre paradise of PITTI

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The fashion events have always been experienced, for those who could not participate, as the unmissable event, to be seen from a peephole outside the tower where you can see some glimpse of stunning dress and deafening music, and for those who are always invited becomes a “normal” event to which we must participate in order not to be “out” and to always be “cool”.The habituè of the fashion world can not wait for these events to show off their super expensive clothes, talk about their life as if it were always perfect and full of wonderful events, talk about the big names that bring to the feet or in front of the eyes, talk about the upcoming holidays in the Maldives and how exhausting it is to follow all these unmissable shows. A whirlwind of garish clothes, the noise of heels and scents a bit excessive, the beating heart of fashion. But it’s not just about sparkles and big names, it’s not just about men and women with an almost angelic beauty that make you feel small and ugly, it’s also details that nobody ever talks about, because it could make the triumph of beauty disfigure , all details that Ronni Campana was able to frame in his ironic and bizarre project. Fashion is not just beautiful people and good clothes, there’s a whole world that most people don’t know.


Pitti Uomo, the best known Italian fashion event seen with an ironic, pungent and bizarre look. An agglomeration of people, situations, checks, miniskirts, colored mustaches and different social classes from all over the globe united by the passion for the haunted world of fashion. From the American manager who is closing a contract from 50 thousand euros to a 50-year-old who smokes a Marlboro in one of the few moments of relaxation in this frenetic event 100 per 100 made in Italy.

This is simply PITTI PARADISE.

I put on my PSG suit, I leave the house and I hasten to reach the entrance of Pitti, I show my pass, 2 seconds and I’m catapulted inside the heart of the biggest fashion show in Italy. An indescribable amount of people, garish garments, bright colors, faces never seen before and fashion brands from the most varied parts of the globe. A brilliant pandemonium. I was there for work, an editorial for an elegant French Magazine, I immediately go with the Fashion Editor to take the clothes and I understand from the first moment that every free minute was precious, so while we moved from one brand to another I started freely to photograph situations, faces, details, everything that attracted me. It was like playing a pinball machine, people were there to be photographed, no permits, special requests, nothing at all, just a smile.Fantastic, just a paradise. My street rogue background allowed me to move in total freedom, on the other hand the Bagels marry the salmon:) 

I tried in 3 days to contain the frenzy, the color and the situations more ” out ” from the fashion world, like a pimple on the hand of a beautiful girl of whom I do not even remember the face and the triple chin with a beard of a mythical lady intent on looking meticulously expensive high fashion fabrics.Three days at Pitti, for me it was like being magically returned to London, enthusiasm, joy, bizarre details and vibrant colors. Unlike the shopping with 5 pounds that I could afford in the beloved Ridley Road at my exit I was waiting for a warm three-and-fifty euro lampred and the joy of seeing so much movement in the little pearl I live in, Florence. Long life with black cabbage, bagel cream cheese and salmon and the Medici dynasty.

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5 February 2019
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