Enjoy the city, live your life, one edge of your Urban Bike


Nowadays, media information vehicles are constantly talking about the development of technology and how it can change our lives.There is often controversy about the integration or replacement of the “human” worker with machines with high technology. We often talk about teleports, which may sound like a cinematic utopia, but now this has become reality.According to the BBC, some Chinese researchers have been able to carry an object from the Gobi desert to the satellite space named Micius, which is 500 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.
Every day is transmitted advertising about increasingly developed cars, which park on their own and have so advanced sensors that the presence of the driver has become superfluous.

Currently all this automation, this technology, considered attractive by many, has made us lose the real meaning of “beauty”.We have an aesthetics totally different from the one that characterized the past, we are no longer astonished at all because, given the frenzy of our lives, we no longer have time to look around.

Upon awakening following the daily routine, breakfast is always in a hurry, and after a coffee, essential to get the necessary charge, you get up in the car.Closed in a metal box whose windows alter the colors outside and whose encumbrance always keeps you standing in traffic along with your similar able to start working without being physically in the office thanks to their smartphones.


In a hyper-technological future with super fast cars and teleportation we feel the need to step back to the past enjoying the moments of the city instead of being crowded with screens and technology; looking at your homes decorated by gears and sections of a bicycle which could change your perception of things and life.

The doorbell sounds and you already know that you are waiting for something new and unexpectedly different, a Metropolitan Bike.You discard the first wrap of cardboard and you find again yourself among the hands a black box, probably taller than you. Once you open this coffer you’re ready to change your lifestyle.
Inside you do not find any bicycle, each piece is independent and you realize that it starts occupying the house.Each segment belongs to a room, and lives the room as it never happened.


You begin to appreciate the tv screen no longer because of its stunning colors and sounds but for its combination with a part of this wonderful bicycle. Every single object belongs to a room creating a harmonious coexistence, thus bringing to the origins your ideal of beauty.


Upon awakening up something has changed, you have breakfast and while you drink the usual coffee from every room you take off your bicycle gear and proceed with assembly.After have stripped the house of its new items you are ready to experience the city as not happened for a long time. You feel the asphalt marking the wheels and brakes pushing on the tire.

You have never been aware of it but the city lives, it is rich of sounds and colors that through a car or smartphone were canceled.Finally thanks to your new bicycle you are an active part of the city, and not as before disjointed and disinterested.


The advent of the future is unstoppable, just as you can not stop the technological progress and its consequent hectic and stressed life, but you can decide to step back and bring the fundamental values to the origins.
We must relearn to wonder, to appreciate what is considered beautiful, you have to live your own city and not just live there as automatons devoid of thought.Only one object can help you do all this, only one object can help you appreciate the little things.



Photo by: C41

Words by: Alice De Santis

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3 November 2017
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