Our executive producer Barbara Guieu flies to Paris to drive the new DS 7 CROSSBACK


Thanks to her French origins and her strong personality, which led her to the creation of successful and exciting audiovisual projects, Barbara got on board of the new and powerful SUV DS 7 CROSSBACK on the Parisian streets.

The call to test drive has caused excitement and dismay, but we had no doubt about it: Barbara is perfect for this project!
The world of cars is the most distant from her there may be: “but I do not understand anything!” she states, and with this she confirms with full marks the ok to leave. Mother of two children, she lives and works in Milan. Her life, like that of other Milanese entrepreneurs or inhabitants of big cities, is characterized by haste.

The days are long, hectic and the streets are busy. I wake up> breakfast> children> school> work. “My office can be reached on foot and schools are close to home.”
Great job Barbara !!! In a chaotic life spent between metal cabins on four wheels and a frenetic job, the idea of moving to another big city like Paris for a test drive raises some doubts, but magically everything has changed.

Paris, the city of love, art and history has managed to instil its charm in the new DS 7 CROSSBACK, a charm that has immediately infected Barbara.
A car with a certain charm, which doesn’t go unnoticed in the streets, and with a character that asserts itself through original details, all elements that blend perfectly with her personality.

All very simple: Milan Airport> Paris Airport> Shuttle to the hotel> Barbara is immediately behind the wheel of her DS 7 CROSSBACK.





The city takes on a different look all seems faster and more snappy. The windows alter the lights and the car conveys feelings of power and great charisma.She immediately tunes in with the car, she appreciates the style with essential lines and simple and sensual shapes.

Technology and comfort are the things that most amazed and fascinated her. The engineers in charge of the project set up the interior of the car as a living room, according to all the principles of space, well-being, practical sense, soundproofing and connectivity, which represent the references of today’s and tomorrow’s car.





The DS 7 CROSSBACK is fun, says Barbara. She drove through the streets for hours without ever losing her enthusiasm, alternating driving in sports mode, driving in city mode, taking advantage of its innovations “I wonder how I could do without the heated and massaging chair from now on”.
All these technologies spoil the driver by making driving a relaxing and enjoyable moment and no longer a hectic obligation.

Barbara rediscovers the pleasure of driving, she has fun and lets herself be caressed by all the comforts of the car. DS 7 CROSSBACK managed to change the face of Paris but above all the perception of the city.

L. Hello Barbara. One question: What did you like most about the whole experience?

B. I can say with certainty that DS Night Vision is the coolest accessory I have ever seen. It inspired me so much that I would produce an entire film shot with the small infrared camera.

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8 December 2017
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