Paris seen through the gaze of Olga Sondyk, very careful to details


Olga Sondyk is a Russian-born documentary and fine-art photographer currently based in Paris, France.
Before becoming professional photographer and obtaining a diploma in Speos Photographic In- stute, she was studying sociology and history of art which gave her an opportunity to search for inspiration in everyday life and works of classic artists by reconsidering different topics with ideas of modern world we live in.

Fascinated by color photography she tries to find connection between reality, imagination and a moment that will be gone in the next minute, the moment where every detail matters and has its beauty.

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About ‘Beauty of Ordinary’:

Title «Beauty of Ordinary» appeared observing surroundings of Paris and inspired by the quote «God is the detail».
Paris is a megapolis known as a place of love and romance. This project takes a different approach and monumentalize details, things that normally stay unseen, but surround people in everyday life. It’s not about habitants or classic views, but unnoticed items, that always change and disappear. Broken chairs, garbage or streets under construction are not associated with a beauty in it’s classic impression. These objects, concurrently, symbolize transition from past to future which is called present.

This project serves as a study of French cultural symbols and plays with abstract objects which develop imagination of a viewer.

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22 February 2018
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