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Maya Kapouski says about herself:

“Hi – my name is Maya Kapouski. I’m from Galicia in the North-West of Spain. I work in fashion but I love to travel; this is why, in the last years, I have been living among Germany, China and Philippines. I studied Fine Arts where I worked in sculpture and installations. It’s precisely where I discovered photography.

I had some cameras home because my father loves photography and, suddenly, I became a professional photographer. I have to admit, it’s super nice to have such a fun job. Usually, I work in film photography – analog is my favorite medium. I usually buy cameras during my trips. As a matter of fact, I hold some weird cameras from China or Japan.

Beauty is everywhere. It’s easy to use rolls everyday, because I will always have something to photograph.”

L. What’s your relationship with fashion? And what’s the difference between taking photos of male and female models?

M. While I was studying Fine Arts, I began studying Fashion Design in the same university. I’ve always loved fashion. To be very honest, I’ve always looked at myself as a designer, more than an artist or photographer.

Fine Arts opened a lot my mind to make in the fashion industry. My eyes were more prepare to work with visuals. During my studies, I was better taking pictures of the projects, than making my own designs. It came very naturally and felt “easy” to start working as a fashion photographer. I was very focused on trying to be an artist or a researcher. I’d say, it was more like a hobby – a good one – where you can get some money while enjoying your assignments.

Today, it’s my job and I’m very-very focused on improving myself everyday, to a technical and creative level.

There isn’t any difference about working either with male or female models. In addition, it doesn’t matter about their age. What matters is the connection I get. I usually try to create a sort of a story: a fake story about the role they’re going to act during their photoshoot. I talk to them about the made up past of their characters.

I’m pretty positive that for models would be easier to work thinking about their role to interpret, rather than shouting to them like “Move your arm, do this, look at me in this way, etc.” They only need to find their movements, their characters’ soul, and go follow them.

About ‘Falsas Fans’:

Falsas Fans is a fashion project designed by Adrian Rivas. He’s an incredible designer and he’s currently working for the biggest companies in Spain. With this project, I guess he wanted to make an ode to the meaning of beauty, the attraction of pink color, toys and dolls which would attract you with their beauty. They aren’t alive, but they have something special that make you feel like going to grab and love each one of them.






L. In your fashion and diary portfolio, your style is attributable to a contemporary photographic current coming from both professionals and amateurs. What are your sources of inspiration? And where do you think your photography will be in a year?

M. For any photographer, it’s very important to keep on living between two worlds: professional and amateur. I work hard everyday to learn about new techniques, new programs or to improve my general attitude to do things. Indeed, I also try very often to forget some of these things. I have the feeling that some of my best pictures were taken when I was playing with photography, with a fresh eye. On the one hand, if we spend quality time working and learning, we can improve easily; on the other hand, keeping up the fresh eyes and our own curiosity without being afraid to fail can be pretty hard.






About ‘Dreaming of another world’:

Dreaming of another world is a fashion project designed by Iria Suarez. She’s an amazing life lover and traveller. She has been living in London, working in fashion in the last few years. Nowadays, she’s traveling around the world, making the eye travel with her special point of view. This project is pretty incredible. I think, Iria has a very strong personal universe, and this project is the result of her beautiful understanding of life. Through colors and textures, she gets a soft and easy aesthetic and, if you try to look deeply, you can see a lot of strong concepts – more metaphysic ones – like in the past.











Both projects are some of my favorites jobs. That year was a very happy time – very funny and creative. Both designers had a very clear concept and vision. It was very easy to understand what they wanted. In these cases, you can understand that you might get a nice job, because when you have a very clear idea of what you’re going to do, you don’t need to look for the image. You just find it.

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