Night landascapes: Marilyn Mugot juggles through secrets and mistery

Marilyn Mugot Night Project COVER

Marilyn Mugot is a French graphic designer and photographer who hails from the Paris suburbs where she began drawing at an early age. Having joined a school of graphic design at the end of her adolescence, she soon found her love of photography supplanting her passion for drawing.

Marilyn Mugot is passionate about cinema, and photography is a means for her to realise her own scenarios with atmospheres she invents and imagines. Her eterea and saturated landscapes diverge from the everyday, constructing an entirely different reality.

She takes her inspirations from a broad panel of artists from varied mediums including covering cinema, design and painting. She is preparing an exhibition in Paris during 2017.

Marilyn Mugot Night Project MAIN

About ‘Night Project’:

The night series, entitled “Night Project” made in the USA and China during 2014-2016, is based on the play of light and color, with an emphasis on the aesthetics of 90s cinema. My passion for cinema is an integral part of this photographic work and has been a deep passion since my childhood.

During my travels, I wanted to capture and materialize my sensitivity to beauty in urban areas.

It was a real quest to find the perfect moment when the lighting was exactly as I imagined. I perceive my photographic work through a director’s eyes, however, the difference in my vision, is that the whole world is a stage. It’s an intense sensation of “limitless”. I like to recreate a fantastic universe of dreams and travels. Night landscapes exacerbate a specific contemplative feeling which has encouraged me to recreate a new, obscure and sparkling world full of secrets and mystery.

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