Luisa Porta and Daniele Ratti talk about an honest and real country


Both photographers, they live and work in Turin, devoting themselves to national and international projects telling stories of contemporary and past architectures and of the characters connected to them.

About ‘Kyrgyzstan’:

It is a peaceful country of about  six million people. It covers a large territory that is  mainly mountainous and hilly. This is what we saw: a country with a smile, anchored to the past, linked to pastoralism and agriculture but with an eye to the future. An honest and real country. We chose three themes to describe this country:

Life is a game
One cannot remain but fascinated by the  almost perpetual smile on the faces of the people, by their serenity, courtesy and education.  It seems as if modern human ugliness has not appeared in this remote land.

A country for walking
A slow wander on the streets of Kyrgyzstan leads to observe and photograph  majestic scenery, from the Pamir to the Ysyk-Kol lake. Walks through landscapes, still in an immemorial time as if to show how the earth would have been without modern human presence, A human-nature cohabitation that says that this can exist, and it is here in Kyrgyzstan.

It is a predominantly nomadic population that continues to live in Yurts, but which has had, after World War II,  a close encounter with Soviet architecture  Buildings that were once cultural indicators of the USSR continue to maintain their symbolism a bit ‘disguised’ by the brashness of modern advertising. 

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