Exhibitionism and everyday life are the key words of Buricelli’s project

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Lucia Buricelli is a freelance photographer from Venice, Italy and she is currently based in New York. She started taking pictures when she was 16 years old, mostly focusing on street photography. Buricelli graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy with a degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction. Lucia recently graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Documentary and Visual Journalism Pro- gram in New York City.

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America is a country of excess. Everything is bigger, everything is more.  Bold/Gold explores the theatre of every day life in New York as an investigation of the human condition. How people present themselves in public spaces and how they are perceived. It is a research of exhibitionism in daily life.

It is also an exploration of the excess and the oddities of the American society. Combining a documentary and a street photography approach, I have been taking pictures in the street and at events, both private and public, including Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday parties girls laying with the sushi not heir body, , burlesque performances, parades, cheerleaders, people in the park, casino, things left inside cars.  Colors also play an important role in this work. This work has a lot of colors, the gold color is an element that repeats through most of the pics.

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