Colors and popular culture, that’s what JeongMee Yoon shows us


Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1969, she majored in painting at Seoul National University, Seoul, photography design at Hongik University, Seoul and studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York, USA. As a winner of the Daum Prize in 2006, she held a successful solo exhibition at Kumho Museum of Art in South Korea, and ‘The Pink and Blue Project‘ book was published by Geonhi Arts Foundation in 2007 in Seoul, South Korea. Also, In 2011,She win the first Prize at The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong as ‘The Pink & Blue Project II’

Yoon’s works not only have been illuminated by numerous group exhibitions at Museums in Europe, USA, and Asia and high-profile solo exhibitions of The Pink & Blue Project showed at Gallery Inn, Seoul, South Korean, Jenkins Johnson Gallery in New York, San Francisco and La Caja Blanca Gallery in Spain, but also collected by enterprises and both prominent museums both in Korea and overseas.

About ‘Pink and Blue’:

The Pink and Blue Project began with my daughter. My six-year-old daughter loves pink. She wants to wear only pink clothes and only own pink toys and objects. My daughter is not unusual. Most other little girls in the United States and South Korea love pink clothing, accessories and toys. This phenomenon seems widespread among various ethnic groups of children regardless of their cultural backgrounds. This preference is the result of cultural influences and the power of pervasive commercial advertisements such as those for Barbie and Hello Kitty. Through advertising, customers are directed to buy blue items for boys and pink for girls. Blue has become a symbol of strength and masculinity, while pink symbolizes sweetness and femininity.

To make The Pink and Blue Project series, I visited children’s rooms, where I displayed their possessions in an effort to show the viewer the extent to which children and their parents, knowingly or unknowing, are influenced by advertising and popular culture.

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