Lilac Hand, a hand car wash in Nottingham by James Marvin

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James Marvin is based in Nottingham, England. Interested in the book as a form for photography, he recently graduated in photography from Nottingham Trent University and completed an internship with Fall Line Press based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since returning, James has now established Outlaw Books, an independent photography book publishers based in Nottingham.

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About ‘Lilac Hand’:

Lilac hand is the name of a hand car wash in Nottingham, England. The work was made at some of the many hand car washes that occupy road sides and old petrol stations around the East Midlands. At the time this work was made, the ‘migrant crisis’ as we now understand it had just started and the United Kingdom’s Independence Party were successfully campaigning for votes in the general election.

A year later, Great Britain held a referendum that decided the United Kingdom would be withdrawing from the European Union.

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24 February 2017
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