Giuseppe Mastromatteo in Humanscape exhibition

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From October 4th to November 18th 2018, 29 Art in Progress gallery in Milan is hosting his exhibition “Humanscape”. The exhibition shows a selection of unpublished work alongside better known works by the artist to fully convey the central theme of his research: the nature of identity, between essence and perception.

Focusing on the Eyedentikit series, we often look at others’ eyes searching for secrets and untold stories but Giuseppe Mastromatteo has decided to turn the table and pouring his eyes, his soul and trueself, into someone else.  Mastromatteo’ approach to the portraits its somehow religious: he’s able to create a really strong bond between the subject and the artist, an intimacy that is virtually unattainable between strangers but it’s close to the relationship between the priest and the sinner in the confessional.  A red thread running through all Mastromatteo’ works so far has been the concept of “identity” and how we hide or show part of our identity depending on the context.

“Nowadays we have more than one identity, and we coexist happily with all of them, switching from one to another with total ease.” In Eyedentikit — as well in Indepensense — researching, creating and mixing up identity is a way of revealing the illusion of living one’s own existence.

Digital technologies are dealt with a psychological approach. Manipulating and subtracting, he plays with these paradoxes so that the images disappear, creating firstly an effect of estrangement followed by recognition and identification between the subject of the image, the photographer and the audience.  Overall, the creative process, from the shooting up to the postproduction, it’s quite a cathartic experience for everyone involved.

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8 October 2018
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