Fryd Frydendahl photographs her nephews to fill a chaotic gap

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Fryd Frydendahl divides her time between New York and Denmark. She works within the field of photography. Frydendahl was born on the west coast of Denmark in 1984, graduated from Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography, in 2006, and received an Advanced Certificate from The International Center of Photography in General Studies in 2009 Her first book, Familiealbum, was published by the Danish Publishing house Nyt Nordisk Forlag in 2007. The book featured a collection of portraits from “the youth house”, a Danish punk venue that was sadly evicted and demolished in 2007. She is the recipient of grants from Fogtdahls Rejsestipendie, The Henry Margolis Foundation, and Josephine Lyons Merit Scholarship, the 2011 CCNY fellowship program and has received grants from the danish art council.

About ‘Nephews’:

Frydendahl’s older sister died in child labor leaving behind her infant son and his older brother. Frydendahl who had just started her artistic education at Fatamorgana School of Photography in Copenhagen was devastated by grief. As a mean to process the loss of her sister and maintaining her close to heart and mind she began photographing her nephews. Out of a personal need, a unique relationship and collaboration with the young boys was established. They entered an unspoken pact that 10 years later would result in the exhibition and the book, ‘Nephews’. In collaborating, the three of them renegotiated a tragedy that could have just as easily set them all adrift. They chose each other instead. Creating an intimate, respectful, playful and tender tale of loneliness, friendship, love, loss and family.

“I began photographing the boys because i missed my sister, and because i needed to establish a way of keeping her close. Over the years the project has become a collaboration, and what started as a somewhat selfish need to fulfill my own void has turned into a communication across geographic and emotional barriers while turning into a document of time and a family story about growing up and doing it together. The project has always been as much about me as it has about them.

The “Nephews” project has truly changed my life and my perspective on my work. The two of them mean everything to me and the work has been my life for so long. The work has been like a map through a lot of hardship, loss and doubt. It’s always been a guiding source when everything else has felt chaotic and broken. Hopefully the project will continue for a long time but if not, then it will always stand as a symbol of love to them and to photography for me.”

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7 November 2018
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