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Francois Beaurain says about himself:

“My name is Francois Beaurain, I was born in France in Bordeaux in 1976. I studied sciences at the University and got a PhD. I’ve been now working for ten years as a climate change specialist. My passion for art and photography is quite recent, I only started in 2012. I do sculpture, collages, drawings and now mostly photographing and gifs.

I made my first gifs beginning of 2014 while I was living in Liberia. I created the series ‘Monrovia Animated’ to show in a poetic and joyful manner Liberia. It was a very intense artistic moment in my life, it only took me four months to realize more than 50 gifs. I really found in love with gifs and despite my other different projects with gifs that followed Monrovia Animated, I am still associating gifs with Africa. The series has been viral on the internet, is part of Making Africa exhibition (Vitra and Guggenheim Bilbao) and has been displayed at Lagos Festival in 2015.”







Sky Painting was my second gif project. It is a graphical experiment to associate two of my passions gifs and kites.


After Liberia, I moved to Athens for a few months and I created a series of gifs and digital pictures focusing on street art and skateboarding (another passion).


Chiatura was realized in 2014 in Georgia. Chiatura is an incredible mining area with cable cars which is litterally out of time. Chiatura is my first “photojournalism” attempt. While I usually stage all my gifs, I wanted to prove with this project that you can use gifs as medium to report. Honnestly, I am not sure, gifs is the best manner to do repoerting but at least in Chitura and because of the industrial side of this photo project, gif is pefect to show the relationship between man and machine.



Les Villas is my last project. It is a combined still and moving pictures realized in 2015 in Morocco where I am currently living. “Les Villas” deals with the invisible border between city and country side in Morocco. The project will be soon exhibited in Galerie 127 in Marrakech.


Gif me! is a series of gifs realized in Lagos in 2015. I am indeed getting more and more interested with using gifs for portraits. I am unfortunately displaying only the classical ones, I am currently keeping the most novative ones confidential for the moment because they will be part of an exhibition later this year in Bruxelles about Lagos… So be patient more surprises will come soon 🙂



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