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Coming from a new colourful and playful perspective, Italian talent Samuel Heron stands out from boredom with his fresh new single “Chissenefrega”: a getaway from hip-hop patterns and schemes of video-making, giving meaningful context to the inner essence of his own words, Italian slang for “who cares”.

Catchy and summer vibes are featured through eye-amazed locations and powerful photography, under artist’s own art concepts and visions delivered by director Mattia Giordano: fun times dancing at hockey stadium benches with his friends, having a blast at a punk concert on a urban rooftop, teasing references from pop culture featuring Italian celebrity Fabio Rovazzi and dreamy jungle club scenes.

Sneak peek C41mag exclusive reportage shot on 35mm film by Tommy Nembo during filming.

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Art Director: Samuel Heron
Director: Mattia Giordano
DOP: Filippo Civera
Camera e post: Federico Busatto
Gaffer: Niccolò Vitagliano
Set design: Viktoria Gomez
Styling: Agnese Beccatti
Executive production: Martina Bruno
Line production: Weronika Wolinska
MUA: Giulia Kapelanczyk
Backstage photo:  Tommy Nembo
Locations: Hockey Sandrigo, Floristeria.
Thanks to: Mixappeal, Fabio Rovazzi, Nobel
Special thanks to Holy Drink
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21 June 2018
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