Eren Saracevic documents the “universal prayer of the tourist”

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Born in Sarajevo, Eren Saracevic grew up in Menorca and right now is located in Barcelona.  He studied communication in IDEP and Design Werkstatt, he worked as graphic designer in ruiz+company and as art director in *SCPF. Now he’s a freelance art director and photographer.

In addition to his commercial work for brands such as Banco Sabadell, Pull & Bear, Ambar and San Miguel among others, he has developed personal projects in the form of visual essays such as Jill / Clive, typographical essay on imbalance and memory, Nostalgia, a photo essay on the impossible return to the former Yugoslavia or Souvenir, a publication created from the perspective of contemporary tourist.

About ‘Modern Prayers’:

Serie of documentary portraits done in the Forbidden Palace in Pekin that show tourists while they make a picture as they were praying.

Suddenly I was surrounded by a large crowd, they all had one thing in common, they were tourists, the crowd was pushing like savages while they smiled with cordiality, all tried to approach, get a good place, be as close as possible to the sacred object . Many of them raised their hands for a brief period of time, their goal: get the picture. It was close to pray, there was something spiritual and intimate in their faces, expressions of sacrifice and ecstasy, sometimes joy, I even want to believe, that by pressing the button, someone had found peace. It is a religion to which anyone can join without much effort, a universal prayer in which anyone can participate, the tourist’s prayer.

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10 May 2019
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