Ed Templeton photographs the subculture of the skaters

157 Wires Crossed 18

Ed Templeton was born in Orange County, a sprawling suburb of Los Angeles. He became interested in skateboarding when he was in junior high school and devoted all his time to it. Templeton’s interest in fine art began as a teen with shopping mall books about canonical painters such as Picasso, Dali, but it was his later discovery of Egon Schiele that would have a profound effect on him. Templeton eventually became a professional skateboarder, which allowed him opportunities to tour Europe.

While there, he spent every free moment absorbing its galleries and art museums. Soon after, he realized his first exhibition, a skateboard art show in Chicago. Templeton is owner and creative director for his company, Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company. He has also executed design work for Spin, as well as Grand Royal, Geffen and Factory Records. Templeton considers his painting and photography pursuits separate from his skateboarding and design work, which is more graphic based.

About Wires Crossed:

Wires Crossed is my long term documentary look at the subculture of skateboarding. These photographs have been present throughout my work since the beginning, but it has yet to be presented as a fully realized completed project. This project is the reason I started shooting photos and is essentially my life’s work. I have plans to make a book and exhibition of this work in the near future.

157 Wires Crossed 1

157 Wires Crossed 15

157 Wires Crossed 14

157 Wires Crossed 13

157 Wires Crossed 12

157 Wires Crossed 10

157 Wires Crossed 9

157 Wires Crossed 8


157 Wires Crossed 7157 Wires Crossed 6

157 Wires Crossed 5

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157 Wires Crossed 3

157 Wires Crossed 2

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