By its cover: Smino feat Nolis Anderson

It’s Thursday night, you’re still closed inside the office, you’re kinda tired, kinda fed up with your job for that day. You put on some random music, oh nice song, and then another one shuffle in, uh that’s sick, and look at its cover! Love that picture, but, who’s the photographer?

Nothing’s better than some good music; nothing but some good music, with some good pictures.
Don’t judge a song by its cover, or maybe do it.

Nolis Anderson, American photographer, was born in Chicago, Illinois. As an adolescent, he developed a strong love for both science and art. After graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2012 from Chicago State University and two years of working in the field of medicine, Nolis decided to take an indefinite hiatus in order to fully dedicate his time and effort toward his creative convictions. Marc Laroche, a portrait photographer from Luxembourg was considered a mentor as well as one of the main catalysts that drove him to pick up a camera.
Nolis has continued to further his education over the last 9 years and refine his craft as a visual artist. When not on assignment Nolis is exploring his hometown of Chicago capturing candid moments and the beautiful architecture of his city.

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NØIR out errwhere. (Lincoln Bio) 🍷

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15 November 2018
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