By its cover: A$AP Rocky feat Cary Fagan

It’s Thursday night, you’re still closed inside the office, you’re kinda tired, kinda fed up with your job for that day. You put on some random music, oh nice song, and then another one shuffle in, uh that’s sick, and look at its cover! Love that picture, but, who’s the photographer?

Nothing’s better than some good music; nothing but some good music, with some good pictures.

Don’t judge a song by its cover, or maybe do it.

The influence of one’s surroundings on their Art and Expression is a notion that Houston-based photographer and visual artist Cary Fagan is quite familiar with. Starting young, Cary’s first experience with photography came through observing his Father (also a Photographer) capturing images and selling prints, and eventually sneaking off with his camera into the forest behind their home to explore his surrounding and, ultimately, his style. The natural fluidity and authenticity so prominent in Cary’s work can be traced back as early as this. In 2010, he purchased his first film camera inspired by images he saw online. He spent almost eleven years learning techniques and engaging in grassroots community promotion. With the internet age, the Houston Chronicle stated “Instagram took Cary Fagan to a whole new level.” A list short list of Cary’s collaborations include the likes of Kanye West for fashion week, fellow Houstonian Solange Knowles, Jazz Cartier, and most recently A$AP Rocky – providing the cover art for his 2018 “Testing” album. Fagan has exhibited his works in exhibitions from Russia, Toronto, Montreal, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and publications across the globe. And with an incoming bachelors degree from u of h in Computer Science and Information Systems, he’s the truest example that there’s no formula to apply your talents, ideas, and passions.

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20 December 2018
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