Caleb Churchill and the contradictions of our contemporary environment

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Caleb Churchill currently lives and works in Minneapolis (MN). In 2016, he got his MFA at Rhode Island School of Design and, since then, his work has been published on many online magazines, such as Aint Bad Magazine, The Latent Image, Playboy, Humble Arts. Churchill’s projects find their roots in the exploration of personal and shared experiences and perception. He focuses on the struggle of translating the one to the other and take advantage of this difficulty. Churchill is available for editorial or commissioned work and is always looking to collaborate on projects.

About ‘The Era of Hopeful Monsters’:

Our environment, as it appears to us in photographs, is translated as landscape, a landscape that is transformed, altered and romanticized by American culture. Despite a desire for the unspoiled ideal of the American landscape that prompted the founding of the National Park system, our human need to organize, facilitate and take ownership, has become the geographical reality.

The Era of Hopeful Monsters takes a critical an empathetic look at how we envision our collective identity in relationship to our environment, whether it is the constructed, inorganic urban, the vast expanses of our few remaining wild spaces or, as is most often the case, somewhere in between, a geography that is a mix of concrete and wildflowers. This body of work finds the beauty, the humor and the bittersweet in our contemporary environment, taking in each one for what it is and what it says about our species.

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23 May 2019
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