C41 Experience, Athleisure: between food, incredible landscapes, and health.

Pt 1

The staff of C41 Magazine has eventually reached the shores of Bagni Vittoria, the stunning location in Vasto, Abruzzo that is hosting the whole crew for the upcoming four days.

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The experience begins tonight, with a voyage through a sampling of artichoke inside the Cooperativa S. Rocco, Cupello. Everything is prepared and served by the well-known chef Marcello Potente, owner of the restaurant La volpe e l’uva.

As soon as tomorrow, the experience moves inside the woods of the district of Chieti, famous for the splendid waterfalls of Rio Verde. Following the truffle seeker Giuseppe, member of the collective Rio Verde Tartufi, C41 Magazine is winning the rare chance to eat the treasures found by its very own members, skillfully served at the restaurant Shangrila.

On Saturday, the day starts slowly, with a stunning brunch cooked by the award winner Nicola Fossaceca right at the ‘house’ hosting the whole crew, which is once again Bagni Vittoria. Nicola needs no presentation, thanks to his skill and cooking ability, exercised and shared at his restaurant Al metrò.

The journey finds its end at the Cooperativa S. Nicola, in Pollutri, Chieti, with a happy sampling of wines, right before a glorious lunch at the Lu Barrott di Nicola, with the loved company of Lello, a major institution between the lands of Vasto.

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5 April 2018
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