C41 Experience, Athleisure: Where wine is not just an elixir of pleasure but the work of a lifetime

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Pollutri is a comune and town in the Province of Chieti in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

The marvelous and rolling hills of Pollutri form the backdrop to the Vini San Nicola agricultural cooperative, gently immersed in the colors and scents of flourishing vineyards. The staff of C41 was warmly welcomed by Dr. Dino D ‘Ercole, who after offering a delicious tasting of wine and fine oil, introduced the crew to the reality of the winery.

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Passion, but most of all respect for tradition, nature and varietal. Wines of the highest qualitative level that don’t over-power, but astonish for their extreme elegance and complexity. The goal is to bring the great class of the vineyard in the bottle, with all the nuances of the territory.A family business, made up of numerous people who work to make production better than ever.

This is why their work is concentrated largely on the care of the vineyard and the importance of human work. The control, love and passion of the human being in the production of wine is of primary importance, despite the high technology will always be the human eye to have the last word.There is no waste, every single element is used, whether it is to produce wine or combustion materials, there is no waste only unconditional love for nature and its work.

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In the culture of Dino the contact with nature has always been of primary importance, from the collection of figs, the production of tobacco and the time of harvest. This immense love for his territory and for the surrounding nature makes his products unique and inimitable.

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14 April 2018
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