C41 Experience, Athleisure: a familiar and welcoming place that Lello has made unique

In the distance you can see white and red walls, you feel a familiar feeling, although you’ve never been there before. Home fragrance, hospitality and passion are the first sensations that you can taste before entering at Lu Barrott ‘di Nicola, an institutional and popular place in Pollutri, Abruzzo. There is not the usual formality that dominates the restaurants, there is no pomp or exaggeration but an owner who has managed to transform the old family room into a place of meeting and conviviality. Place where people feel almost at home and where food is thought and cooked with a love and a dedication never seen before.

The specialty of this picturesque place is the “Arrosticini” of sheep, which are much more than simple meat skewers, they are cut cubes and manually threaded one by one, with unimaginable care and respect for the raw material. In addition to the right balance between fat and lean, cooking is also essential, in no other restaurant will you have the opportunity to eat in this way.

1 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Lu Barrott Di Nicola
2 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Lu Barrott Di Nicola

Lello, owner of Lu Barrott ‘di Nicola, is the architect of all this, a man with a unique soul who welcomed the C41 crew with a wonderful warmth Lello has an interesting story, which he loves to tell. He moved in 86 with the whole family from Milan to Pollutri, after several years of life in this small town he hears the call of the great metropolis and returns alone to Milan. After years of work in advertising production and after the death of his father Lello decides to return to Abruzzo and take over the family restaurant. Lu Barrott ‘di Nicola, a place full of dreams and personalities.

Furnished with small objects, with a kitch and bizarre look, this restaurant, with a strong unconventional personality, allows you to taste a simple but tasty and delicious food, allows you to feel at ease at all times, it is a one of those places that without speaking is able to tell it’s story!

3 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Lu Barrott Di Nicola

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4 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Lu Barrott Di Nicola

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