C41 Experience, Athleisure: Luigi, owner of Bagni Vittoria, welcomes you in his fairy tale

0 C 41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Bagni Vittoria

It’s night, you’re in a bed that is not your home but still warm and comforting, you close your eyes and you perceive a distant but familiar noise that makes you fall asleep immediately.

It’s morning, you hear the birds singing and a faint light wakes you up. You are still in that strange bed with which you have already become more confident, you open your eyes and through a large window you see it, here it’s, calm but still noisy and undulating: the sea.

When you decide to leave the warm blankets and you forward in this new, almost fairytale place, you are immediately welcomed by a scent, which makes you feel at home, like those Sunday mornings when you are in the habit of having breakfast with your family. A rich banquet of products cooked at the moment wishes you a good day, there could be nothing better.

1 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Bagni Vittoria

2 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Bagni Vittoria

Sitting at a table on the shores of the sea, illuminated by the sun, the day takes on a different value, everything seems perfect, that place has now become a home, that place born from the generous hands of Mr. Luigi and his wife Betta.

Bagni Vittoria, in the area of Vasto Marina, are all this. It’s not just a destination for a holiday, or a place to sleep one night, they are much more. A series of bungalows facing the sea, gently resting on a green and well-kept lawn, surrounded by small wooden stairs that lead you on the rocks, as a path to meditation and quiet have welcomed the C41 crew, giving a wonderful experience.

Mr. Luigi and his wife Betta, have created everything with dedication and delicacy, giving life to a fairytale and enchanted place where you can spend time, a place comparable to home.UAn unprecedented welcome, and a kindness that is a rarity today, are the characteristics of this wonderful place

It’s night, and that bed is now familiar and comforting, you concentrate to hear the sound of the sea and you fall asleep with a small smile on your mouth.

3 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Bagni Vittoria

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4 C41 Magazine Experience Athleisure Bagni Vittoria

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