Beyoncé and JAY-Z take us into the magnificent Louvre with a breathtaking video

Over the weekend, the most famous and beloved couple of music, Beyoncé and JAY-Z, have decided to surprise their long-awaited joint album during their tour of the stadiums On The Run II. The shock of the fans is unprecedented, a breathtaking album that has set the web and the music world on fire.

The album that sees the collaboration of the sparkling couple, entitled EVERYTHING IS LOVE, has arrived without warning, and with it came “APESHIT”, a stunning visual never seen before. Even for their high standards, this video is at the next level.

The video was shot entirely inside the Louvre in Paris, one of the most famous museums in the world, whose collection includes over 380,000 objects and works of art. A video that gives us a private tour in the famous Parisian museum, bringing us closer to the most iconic and priceless works of art in human history.

A gorgeous, stunning and lush video. A video that reflects the soul of the coolest couple in world music!

Beyonce E Jay Z1

Beyonce E Jay Z2

Beyonce E Jay Z3

Beyonce E Jay Z5

Beyonce E Jay Z4

Beyonce E Jay Z6

Beyonce E Jay Z7

Beyonce E Jay Z8

Beyonce E Jay Z9

Beyonce E Jay Z10

Beyonce E Jay Z11

Beyonce E Jay Z12

Beyonce E Jay Z13

Beyonce E Jay Z14

Beyonce E Jay Z15

Beyonce E Jay Z16

Beyonce E Jay Z17

Beyonce E Jay Z18

Beyonce E Jay Z19


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19 June 2018
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