Ashleigh Howard says that mistakes often are the biggest success

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Ashleigh Howard says about herself:

“My favorite things are sublime, authentic, boring, and often bittersweet. I am currently located in Vermont where I work predominately in photography but expand my practice experimenting with video and sound.”

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About ‘Art is Error‘:

Art is Error is an on-going project comprised of images collected from years of shooting personal film photographs. They are chosen on their merit of unintentional “failure” in terms of what normally constitutes a successful photograph and how the flaws have, somehow, enhanced the image.

When I began to regard these “accidental” images I became fascinated by the story they tell alongside the more precise and calculated photographs created after, around or before them. Dotted, blurry, and streaming with light leaks, the nebulous information contained within the frame is a glimpse into when I have lost control. I am the creator, but perhaps, (in that moment) only as conduit. The collection of these photographs act as both myth and scripture materializing only when conditions find themselves just right.

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18 May 2018
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