Aren’t we all CoverJunkies: Record Culture Magazine feat Fred Lahache


Fred Lahache (b.1981) is a self-taught photographer based in Paris. After his first solo exhibition at Galerie Madé in 2013, Fred was featured in Pik magazine, Synonym Journal and various blogs, and contributes to Freunde von Freunden.

Born in Tours, and growing up by the Loire river, despite living in an urban environment today, Fred has always kept these early surroundings in his heart. Coming to photography relatively late in life, his unbridled passion for capturing strong moments and building simple stories that pick out accute curious details are evident. Through a mixture of staged and discovered scenes, an emotional power underpins Fred’s often cropped and colorful imagery. In this introduction we find out about Fred’s Parisian lifestyle, his love of fashion, his inspirations, and how Iceland holds a special place in his heart. Rather than conventional landscapes, these unusual travel photos share more in common with still life paintings – frozen moments in time that evoke a particular place or emotion.

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4 September 2018
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