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In her experimental fashion and fine art photography, Elizaveta Porodina travels through time and space, extracting the underlying emotions in her entrancing productions. The Moscow born studied clinical psychologist  plays with melancholic symbolism, sets connotations, sometimes ambiguous, sometimes honest and obvious – her range widely varying between cinematic, fashion and almost documentary imagery. Whether in dramatic black and white or vividly colored artworks, the Munich based photographer is a master of dark romanticism.

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Встречайте зимний номер журнала Flacon, созданный командой под руководством Алены Долецкой (@alionadol). Уже сейчас вы можете приобрести журнал онлайн по ссылке в описании нашего профиля, а с 5 декабря ищите Flacon в своем городе. : «Казалось бы, кого поместить на обложку журнала, который выходит прямо перед Новым годом? Конечно, супермодель в блестках и мишуре. Но нет. На обложке Flacon – мужчина при полном макияже. Спойлер: внутри – большая съемка с накрашенными парнями, а заодно соцопрос на тему «могут ли мужчины делать мейкап?»». Марина Сютаева, главный редактор (@marinasyutaeva). #FforFlacon #FlaconMagazine : Фото – @elizavetaporodina / @sonjaheintschel Стиль – @selfinterestblog Макияж – @alenamoiseevamakeup Прическа – @katarinak Модель – @alekomoloko / @nikmodelmanagement : Welcome Flacon Magazine winter issue made under direction of Aliona Doletskaya (@alionadol). Since now you can buy it online following the link in our profile. Hunt it in your city starting from December 5. : “One would think who should be on the cover of a magazine issued right before the New Years Eve? A supermodel in sparkles and glitter would, doubtless. Not a bit of it! We have a man in make-up in the cover of December issue. Spoiler: there is a big photo shooting with several painted men inside and a survey “If men can do make-up?” goes along with it”. Marina Syutaeva, Editor-in-chief (@marinasyutaeva). : Photo – @elizavetaporodina / @sonjaheintschel Style – @selfinterestblog Make up – @alenamoiseevamakeup Hair – @katarinak Model – @alekomoloko / @nikmodelmanagement

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8 January 2019
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