The memories of a life content in a house, the story of Anni Hanén.

COVER Anni Hanen Guest

Anni Hanén (b. 1981) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. The reflections of her own childhood combined with her child’s view create a visual dialog between mother and son, past and present.

This language they create together expresses emotions, remembrance and memories. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 2004 and has received various grants.

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About ‘Just Small Hiccups‘:

This project, entitled Just Small Hiccups, was produced and developed by Finnish artist Anni Hanén.

This photographic series started after Anni moved to her childhood home with her family.

This house full of memories, with its garden that ends up in a forest, with its memories that appear on the skin have created a photographic series which translates into poetry.

It is a profoundly personal point of view, but it is able to portray universal feelings.

TERZA Anni Hanen Rooms

32 Anni Hanen Outside

30 Anni Hanen Snakes

29 Anni Hanen WonderingPromises

28 Anni Hanen SometimesLoving

26 Anni Hanen QuarterPastEight

25 Anni Hanen Color

24 Anni Hanen ByTheRiver

23 Anni Hanen Within

22 Anni Hanen TheHouseIsQuiet

21 Anni Hanén Indelible

20 Anni Hanén MovingLikeChameleon

19 Anni Hanen LevelWithTheTreeTops

18 Anni Hanen WontAbandonRed

17 Anni Hanen WhiteAtNoon

16 Anni Hanen Castle

15 Anni Hanen SoundingBoard

14 Anni Hanen EveningStar

13 Anni Hanen Diving

12 Anni Hanen Listening

11 Anni Hanen SoCloseSoStill

10 Anni Hanen WhereTheBlueEnds

09 Anni Hanen IKonowThePlaceThatIsnt

07 Anni Hanen YouEnter

06 Anni Hanen Beside

05 Anni Hanen Century

04 Anni Hanen TheresStillTime

03 Anni Hanen AbsordingEachOther

02 Anni Hanen FrontOfLilyPad

01 Anni Hanen Hyvinkaa

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