Annabel Oosteweeghel photographs the house as a museum full of memories

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Annabel Oosteweeghel (1969) is a photographer who lives in Noordwijk. She graduated from the Academy St. Joost in Breda where she studied Audio-visual arts. Because of her film background her photos are more then an image. They tell a story. 

Her commercial work focusses on lifestyle and people. Annabel has been commisioned by a wide variety of advertising agencies and magazines. Besides her commercial work she always continues to work on personal photography projects.

About ‘I won’t say goodbye‘:

I won’t say goodbye is part of my first photobook called Oblivious.
It is published this Spring.  I’ve shot the story in Noordwijk, the village at the coast , where I live.

I won’t say goodbye is based on a true story about a demented old lady who has been living in an old age home for four years. Her beautiful style seaside bungalow, after all these years, still stands exactly just after she left it, like a museum full of memories.

Back in time, we see how she, as a young widow in the late sixties stayed strong yet more and more began to live a hermit’s life.

‘Is it fair to say: What did I do to deserve this?’ Life takes it’s own turn. The cost is determined without even asking my prior consent. Carry on alone. No full laundry baskets with children clothes and that of my hubby.  No tables to set for the family. Too much time on. How do I full, empty days? No socks to darn, nappies to wash, scraped knees to take care of or tears to dry.Who will dry my tears?

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8 January 2019
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