Andrea Roversi and Linda Pezzano drag us till nordus

Seydisfjordur, Islanda

Andrea Roversi is a freelance photographer graduate at “Scuola Romana di Fotografia”. He collaborate with photojournalism agency Parallelozero.

His publications included international newspaper like TerraMoter, DestinAsian, IoDonna, D Repubblica, Dummy. His project was also showed on a CnnDigital and screened in some international festival like Arles VoiceOff, Istanbul PhotoFestival, SlideluckTokyo, Festival Internazionale di Roma and Fotoleggendo. Most of his works focus on the relationship between man and nature, an extreme nature that dictates the rhythms to which man must adapt. His deep relationship with it led him to live for 8 months in the north of Iceland where he works and lives with a family that runs a farm. From this experience comes “Daudalogn”, a personal work on Iceland and how light affects human life. 

Linda Pezzano, based in Rome, in June 2017 graduated from the Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema, where she studied photography in all its forms. 

From November 2016 she attended the Master in Divergent Visions with Massimo Mastrorillo, DOOR, and a video-maker course with Giovanni Bufalini (Scuola Romana di Fotogra a e Cinema), contributing to the creation of some competing spots, taking part in photography. Co-founder of 3/4 studio (a photo studio that deals with commercial photography), currently she works as a freelance photographer and video-maker and she dedicates herself to long-term personal projects. Passionate about documentaries, she wants to tell the reality every day. She is interested in people and their stories, trying to create memories, to last in time.

About ‘Til Nordus: verso nord‘:

A photographic journey on the road that Andrea and Linda will do with their jeep, from Rome to Iceland in 35 days. The project revolves around a personal and very intimate vision of this adventure and the beautiful landscapes that they will encounter.

To do this and to be able to publish the book, they started a crowdfunding campaign through the Produzioni dal basso platform.

Skógafoss, Islanda.Andrea Roversi Linda Pezzano

Seagulls Flying On Diupavikù|Til Nordus|Linda PEzzano Andrea Roversi

Olafsfjordur, Islanda| TilNordus

Mountains In The Eastern Region| Linda Pezzano Andrea Roversi



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18 July 2018
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