Interview with Elisa Fuksas who talks about the release of ALBE at the cinema

When a film arrives in the cinemas it means that it has reached its audience, it means that it is ready to be projected on the big screen and seen by a myriad of people. Here is what happened to ALBE.A LIFE BEYOND EARTH, a film by Elisa Fuksas that makes us live a paranormal reality, which makes us know a world beyond the terrestrial one, that makes us know characters with particular lives and beliefs, in able to make us go beyond the earth, beyond what we know. , being able to communicate a message to an audience is probably the most exciting part of this path. You can not lose it, you can not not know this life beyond the earth, you can not know that there are people who really believe in the existence of other forms of life beyond ours. Go and see ALBE at the cinema, because projected on the big screen has a whole new flavor.


Hi Elisa, tell us about Albe and how you thought of dealing with such an unusual theme 

Everything starts from fate and obsession. As a child I thought I was from a different far away planat and that I had been adopted by my family. I wanted to go back, even if I loved my mom and dad… Then by chance, here is what I call fate, I met one of the protagonists of the movie, and then came the rest. I believe a lot in chance. It’s my faith (beside Jesus Christ).

What is your greatest source of inspiration? 

Reality and music (I listen to everything) are my favorite stories generators.

Now that Albe comes out to the cinema what do you expect from this debut?

The release is the most exciting moment in the life of a movie, because the film becomes autonomous, like a major child, and has to face the world. I am glad about this appointment: it’s a crucial confrontation.

What would you like to convey to the viewer with this film?

Faith. Having faith in something, even in faith itself, is important. I wish we could all feel closer to each other, therefore more human. My destiny is linked and related to the destiny of billions of strangers who inhabit this planet, and vice versa. And this is great and important and increases a “species’ brotherhood” that we too often forget.

Do you believe to carry on this project? If not, do you have any other projects you would like to continue in the future? 

Albe is now over, and on its own it will find its ways. I recently wrote the libretto of a contemporary opera that I will  direct in September at the Teatro del maggio fiorentino. It’s called “Noi, due, quattro” … and it’s an impossible love triangle between artificial intelligence and traditional old feelings.

What is truly beautiful? Don’t think about it too much, reply by instinct

The wrist of the person I love. And my dog, Stella…

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