Paper issue 7

This issue develops around a single word: Bellissimo. Is it possible to define what is truly and unmistakably beautiful? How’s the life of those that spend their days working in the beauty industry, both privately and professionally? How huge is the gap between something’s outer and inner beauty, and how is it communicated and therefore perceived?

Bellissimo is something that strikes you, even if in a subtle way. It is something that suddenly makes you realize that what you are watching, living, or experiencing is somehow precious. Bellissimo is a journey undertaken as a way out from everyday life. Bellissimo is what you say when you listen to the story of someone that is able to convey the greatness of what he saw.

Bellissimo is an approach to life, where people need to feed themselves with beauty.

The aim of a shop is to collect cool stuff.
Ours is to gather the coolest.