The ambiguity and the wonder of traveling told by Yael Malka

YM 3MenAtSzechenyi 2014 Web

Yael Malka (b.1990) graduated in 2012 from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Photography and minor in Art History. She recently had her first New York solo show, Almost Touching, at The Rubber Factory and has previously shown her work in group exhibitions at The Brooklyn Museum Library, The Rubber Factory, Bruce High Quality, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Sikkema Jenkins, ArtBridge and Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, among others. She has published two photo books with artist Cait Oppermann and is now working individually on her third book with a series of photos made in Kibbutz Kinneret, Israel. Yael is from the Bronx, NY and currently resides in Brooklyn.

YM Hayandreflection 2016 Wksp

About ‘Travel’:

This series consists of a collection of images taken throughout my travels abroad and locally in the United States. Majority of these images don’t give markers as to where they were taken, giving them an ambiguity I welcome. They are also stuck in a place where the viewer is unsure what came before or after. In these photos there are things left behind, remnants and impressions, leaving the reading of them open to interpretation.

YM Wateronbridge 2016 Wksp

YM Pieta Budapest 2014 Wksp

YM Pellegrinoshadow 2016 Wksp

YM HouseatnightLongExII 2016 Wksp

YM Grannysbathroom 2016 Wksp

YM CoupleLyingDownOnStairsSzechenyi 2014 Web

YM Butterflyonleaf 2016 Wksp

YaelMalka Cait

YaelMalka 2018 01 19 Subbacultcha Chynna DSC4797

YaelMalka 2018 01 19 Subbacultcha Chynna DSC4782

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