Vernice – Out of Tune 3

OOT3 Promo Fb01 Petra Valenti

Acts of Insane Beauty in a multiple photo exhibition curated by Giacomo Spazio and Guido Borso

“Photography helps us every day to understand our self: it has taught us, for example, that, without obscenity, our cities are a sad places and life is often desolate. But we, as people, are constantly living through images and imaginary.This is the essential reason that animates Out Of Tune, now in its third edition. This collective exhibition of photography is nothing more than an attempt to extend the idea of an “other” look to everyone. Since we are aware that in every shot, there is no end or beginning, but only the passion for life in all its possible manifestations. So if photography today is free from social and moral obligations that restrict all other languages, it is simply because our natural appetite for curiosity gives us a priori the right to immortalize everything. In Out Of Tune, however, the real and unique protagonist is and remains the shot. “

Thursday 25 May at 19.00 at Santeria Social Club, Viale Toscana, 31, 20136 Milan

Entrance: free – h 19.00

The show will remain set up and visible until Sunday 28 May
From 3 pm to 9 pm.