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The lifeblood of Tennessee is the colorful tourism as documenting Timothy

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Timothy Frazier is a photographer working between Virginia and NYC. Tim is interested in photography as a means of documentation and aims to create a visual document that centers around exploring the moments in life that often go without notice.

Tim’s work has been published in the hardcover books, “Best of Photography 2012” and “Best of Photography 2014” by Photographer’s Forum – along with a number of other international platforms. Tim’s work was recently exhibited at the House of Vans in London and is a part of the Art on A Postcard exhibit that launches in Shoreditch this October.

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About ‘Tennessee’:

‘Tennessee’ is a series that focuses on the surrounding areas of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

These areas, considered by our photographer, are two areas that live and feed themselves through the massive tourism flow that occurs especially during the summer, turning into a ghost town during the cold winter.

Timothy Frazier spent a few days in August in these areas with the aim of documenting the aesthetics of the area, capturing the true spirit of tourism.

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