Spike Jonze is back with a surreal film for new Apple’s HomePod

Spike Jonze is back. He is always there, hidden somewhere in the mass, and he likes to remind us his presence by giving a hint of his majestic and trippy point of view.
Last time he shocked us with a commercial for a Kenzo perfume starring actress Margaret Qualley dancing around a fancy venue.

This time, Jonze teams up with singer, dancer and performer FKA Twigs creating a four-minute short film on the notes of latest Anderson .Paak’s song “Till it’s over”.

Spike Jonze Homepod 02

Spike Jonze Homepod 03

Spike Jonze Homepod 04

In the short film, we see Twigs coming back home from a difficult and rainy day. She enters her apartment and asks the HomePod “Hey Siri, play me something I’d like”. From that moment on, we are transferred into an odd dimension in which Twigs dances around extending, folding, and punching the space around her since when she even finds her inner self with whom she starts a dance-off.

It almost reminds of the scene from “Interstellar” where Matthew McConaughey flys through this weird time dimension where he can control, change things, and communicate with its own past.
Just like this, Jonze displays us an infinite world of possibilities, imaginaries in which we can live in thanks to the HomePod.

Spike Jonze Homepod 05

Spike Jonze Homepod 06

Spike Jonze Homepod 07

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Words by
Francesca Pavoni
Published on
12 March 2018
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