close-sidemenu and Enrico Donadello in a project that speaks of memories and nostalgia

Picture 026 talks about the duo:

“We are a photographic studio based in Mussolente. Our focus is on still life photography. We love the challenge of an ever-changing medium such as photography. Our commitment is to research new ways to make studio photography even when we shoot elsewhere.

We like to combine plain colors and textured material, sharp light and smooth shadows. We create visual dialogues between object and arrange sets working through meticulous previsualisation and lunatic moment-driven initiative.”

Enrico Donadello says about himself:

“I’m a Set Designer with a photography background, currently based in Italy. I’m intrigued by the relationship between objects and the symbols they carry. In my work I always try to tell a story through colours, materials and shapes in communication with the light, playing with the balance between what’s familiar and what’s just the scene of a dream.”

Picture 021

About ‘ Lago’s lake’:

For Lago Film Fest’s visual campaign we created a bizarre investigation, to document a strange phenomenon which occurs across the winter in the areas around Lago’s lake.

We recreated tangles, accumulations, ramifications and groups of objects which are not necessarily linked by their use but are kept together by a sense of nostalgia and loss for a past that only lives in our shared remembrances. Like the memories themselves took shape and built a stratification of elements or impressions that make us feel “at home” in a way that we cannot find in the physical space where we are now stuck.

This was the opportunity to work together in a project where we were let free to push the boundaries. We are grateful for the trust Lago Film Fest had given us: it was great to have the possibility to work freely, even when anyone else would have thought we were stacking rubbish by the rivers of the lake.

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