Ricky Powell says: Take your time. Happy BDay Haring ❤️

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You continue an unstoppable search on yourself. You experience means, languages and steps several times to the film even if you know that it costs you a lot. Every day you think about how to interest your followers. You thought to be minimalist and soon after you realized that the face grime played more. Then your profile has become your diary and you have started to shot your friends and your parents every time you come back home and you can tell them.

You are losing weight and you know that in your new fisic du role you are super sexy and DMs fall from the sky like never before. The pictures in the shower can’t be counted anymore and the choice of your outfit for the Friday evening always arouses great interest. You know well, more than your tax code, which hours of the day perform better on your profile. You are now more updated than Taylor Swift’s social media manager and all this professionalism don’t pay you, because even if you don’t know, you are employed by instagram, like everyone.

Everything is very fast and you can not risk not publishing today because you would go to throw the work done in the previous months. You don’t have time. There’s no time. Would you like to have time to stop and think about what all this is for. What value does it have for you to get more like in an era where the likes will soon need to be declared in your tax return?

You do not have time. There’s no time. The same time that Richy Powell had in giving credit to his acquaintances, photographing them. The same time he gave his acquaintances to become Beastie Boys, Russell Simmons, Doug and Fresh, Harold Hunter, Kool Keith, Rahzel, Laurence Fishburne, and Cypress Hill. The same time as Madonna, Jam Master Jay, KRS-One, Frankie Crocker, Andy Warhol and many others.

The same time that allows us today to celebrate the 60th birthday of Keith Haring. ❤️

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4 May 2018
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