Price Harrison encourages us to look at the world in which we live

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Price Harrison earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Fine Arts at Vanderbilt University in 1984. He studied architecture at Yale University where he earned a Master’s Degree. In 1987 he began an apprenticeship in New York with the late Paul Rudolph. After studying with Mr. Rudolph, Harrison went on to work with Richard Meier and Partners and I.M. Pei.

In 1998 Harrison returned to Nashville where he founded his firm Price Harrison Architect and Associates PLLC. The firm specializes in residential and commercial buildings, product design, branding, and graphic design.

From 1987-1998 Harrison lived in New York, NY where he began to focus on black and white film photography, particularly the burgeoning east coast garage rock scene that emerged in the 90’s. Since moving back to Nashville, Harrison has concentrated on digital images that explore the relationship of people with the decaying built environment.

Price Harrison’s photography exhibit “She’s Not There” will open at Dane Carder Studio in Nashville, TN on September 7, 2017 and run through October 30.

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About ‘She’s Not There’:

Price Harrison’s photographs reveal an eye for shape and for form. More surprising for an architect of pristine white spaces is his attention to color and hue, in many cases the shades of our mass-produced world. His photographs communicate a sense of detail both as noun (the architect’s craft of construction) and verb (the love and indeed the fetishization of finish). They evoke a vernacular modernity of planar surfaces, unexpected light, and industrial products in twenty-first century America.

His photographs frequently suggest some recent—or future—human presence and activity. As with all art practice, Harrison’s images coax and spur us to look again at the world in which we live.

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