Prangé Maxime

Digital photography
Désirées I - Julie m.

Prangé Maxime says “Following architecture and product design studies, it is oddly in photography that I find the way to express myself. For a few years now I’ve been pursuing two string of thoughts. The memory of the landscape and the attraction of woman, searching for the instinctive relation we share in their intimacy. ”

Désirées I - Audrey

Désirées I - Carla

Désirées I - Julie m.

Désirées I - Sophie

Désirées II - Bérénice

Désirées II - Eden

Désirées II - Elsa

Désirées II - Lisa

V11 - Caravane

V11 - Corbeaux

V11 - Jour de tonte

V11 - La dent du chat

V11 - Poteau

V11 - Pour un bouquet

V11 - Toy farm

V11 - Villa rouge