Landscape Roversi

Within the Photo Vogue Festival we see the performance of PAOLO ROVERSI – Stories.

Roversi’s artistic career, his poetry, is based on research and proximity to this ineffable “feeling of light”, an eye-catching search in all shots of the photographer, from high fashion to naked or still-life. As through a prism, staff at Royal Palace is thus an exploration of the various facets of Roversi’s work – the most meditative, intimate, and unknown to the most glamorous – that will unfold in 9 real stories that will dwell the 9 rooms of the Principe Apartments used for the exhibition.

During the show you will have the opportunity to observe the originals of Roversi both with regard to personal projects, such as naked, essential and intense portraits where the subject photographed emerges in all its vulnerability and delicacy, or studio photos, real theater where the photographer’s world takes shape, both editorials, where the fashion is a dream come to life.


16-19 Novembre 2017

Palazzo Reale,Piazza del Duomo, 12 Milano