Here are our predictions for the Oscars. Can you do better?

Oscar 2018

The event of the year is coming and it’s going to be lit. The 90th Academy Awards is going to take place this Sunday 4th March at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center. And hopefully this year we’re going to have a legit winner, not one from a wrong envelope 🙂

Like every past year, I gave up all my friendships, social relationships, and event for a few months in order to be prepared for what’s coming. I lock myself in my house and in theatres watching and reading everything that pops around.
As a tradition, I always enjoy predicting the winners among the various categories before the Oscars. At first, it was just a conversation between friends. Then over the years, it became more and more serious.
So, this year I thought: why don’t I write something about it?

All the staff from C41 shares many interests and among them there are movies. Especially in this period of the year, we always talk about what movie did one see the night before, what the other one read in the newspaper etc. always gossiping about everything.
So, I decided to make a game out of it. I create a poll to see what everyone’s predictions were and draw conclusions.

No more excuses. No more words.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the results of the poll. From C41 to you.

Let’s start with MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG).
Oscar 2018 Poll Music Song

Sufjan Stevens was contacted by director Luca Guadagnino to work on some songs for the soundtrack of “Call me by your name”. Not only he came out with “Mystery of Love”, but he also produced “Visions of Gideon” and “Futile devices” creating a whole world of words and sensations in which Elio and Oliver, the two main characters, live and evolve.
Rumors say that director Guadagnino is willing to produce a/some sequel/s of “Call me by your name” with the purpose of creating a collection of songs with Sufjan Stevens that in a few decades will be able to tell Elio and Oliver story.

Oscar 2018 Poll Music Score

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer has been working with director Christopher Nolan for something like 15 years. They always work together in order to create a sonic world for each movie. That meaning that each image merges with the music creating a transcendent experience in which you almost listen to things with your eyes.
With the soundtrack of “Dunkirk”, Hans Zimmer completely blew our minds not only putting ourselves in the movie but also making us feel every single sensation.
It’s more an experience than a simple piece of art.

Oscar 2018 Poll Writing Adapted
James Ivory did an extremely accurate job adapting the namesake novel by André Aciman. The novel is a sort of stream of consciousness of Elio, the protagonist, who throughout the story discovers himself, grows up and enters the mature part of his life. Every single sensation is perfectly depicted in the entire screenplay: from the sun burning the skin till the annoying mosquitoes, from the fear of an unknown feeling to the awareness of changing.
Maybe that’s why everyone enjoyed so much the story: it brings us inside a distant memory of our own with a bit of nostalgia and happiness.

Oscar 2018 Poll Writing Original
And here we are with the first tie. Original screenplay this year is really strong and interesting. Each screenplay brings out different themes and brilliantly develops them.
Here is where the players split into two choices: “The shape of water” by Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor and “Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri” by Martin McDonagh.
The screenplays tell extremely different stories: the first one is a tale of a princess falling in love with a river monster, while the second one tells the story of a woman in search for justice for the murder of her daughter.
Both deeply brilliant and moving.

Oscar 2018 Poll Cinematography
Learn more about Deakins and “Blade Runner 2049”

This year has to be Roger A. Deakins year. Across his career, Deakins was the creator of some of the most iconic movies ever made. Not to mention that he was nominated for an Oscar for best cinematography 14 times.
This year he had the honor to photograph “Blade Runner 2049” with the guidance of director Denis Villeneuve, with whom he had already worked for “Prisoners” and “Sicario”.
The work he did is majestic: not only he treated with respect the work of earlier cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth, but he was also able to give his own interpretation of this future world. The result is an amazing movie brilliantly photographed that can just stand alone, without the original “Blade Runner”.

Oscar 2018 Cinematography

Oscar 2018 Poll Actress Supporting
Allison Janney embodies LaVona Golden, the estranged mother of disgraced Olympic ice-skater Tonya Harding, in the movie “I, Tonya”. She gives a performance which there is a mix of Tonya Harding’s and son-in-law Jeff Gillooly’s memories, screenwriter Steven Rogers’ artistic license and her own interpretation of a disturbed, crazy, and ugly character. And boy she does that amazingly.

Oscar 2018 Poll Actor Supporting
Richard Jenkins plays the character of Giles in “The shape of water”, an old artist and best friend of the protagonist of the movie played by Sally Hawkins. He brought into this character much of himself by making it universally comprehensible: insecurity and feeling lonely is something that we all understand as much as this deep feeling of being out of place.

Oscar 2018 Poll Actress Leading
Frances McDormand plays the character of Mildred Hayes in a sublime way. She is a woman in search of justice, willing to earn it no matter how in good or in bad: she is ready for everything. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her dark irony, femininity and badass temper. She is a one piece of a woman that steals the scene just by saying whatever comes to her mind.

Oscar 2018 Poll Actor Leading
This is the only category in which we almost reach unanimity. With no doubt, TimothĂ©e Chalamet is the name of the year. He plays the character of Elio in “Call me by your name”, a young kid who has to struggle with the discovery and acceptance of himself thanks to co-protagonist Oliver, played by Armie Hammer.
He embodies this character in a sublime way making us feel every single feeling passes through his mind: his struggles are our struggles, his pain is our pain.
We must give a special mention to Daniel Kaluuya and his breathtaking performance in “Get out”. It’s wonderful to see so many young actors arriving at this level.

Oscar 2018 Poll Directing
This year category has a great choice of directors. Each one of them brought to world wonderful movies but still, we had to decide. And the winner is Christopher Nolan for “Dunkirk”. Considering his whole work, Christopher Nolan has always been a complex director who put many themes on the plate and develops them in the craziest ways.
“Dunkirk” is probably the sum of his work: he was able to create a war movie that has everything to do with war but nothing to do with all that we are used to seeing on screen. It’s a transcendent experience that puts oneself in someone else’s shoes, making you feel the fear, the pain and the despair of a soldier at war. As we already said before, none of this would probably be possible without the work of Hans Zimmer.

And now, last but not least.
Oscar 2018 Poll Best Picture
Oscar 2018 Best Picture

Obviously, we could only close with another tie 🙂
The choice is between “Call me by your name” and “Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”. We leave the choice to you with a refresher.

So, who’s gonna be the winner? What do you think?

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