Olli Wiegner, you might find the American Dream in Europe

Analog photography


Olli Wiegner is a contemporary landscape photographer currently living in Bielefeld, Germany who was born in 1993. Presently, he is studying Photography & Media at the FH Bielefeld Faculty of Art and Design. In his seventh semester, he is busy earning his Bachelor of Arts. Apart from studying, he works as an assistant for a local photographer. Olli Wiegner’s photographs have been locally shown in exhibitions as well as the newspaper. His projects mostly focus on the interaction of humankind with the landscape and how this relationship changes over time.


About ‘Of Plungers & Bubblestubes’:

Paul Zubec is a pinball and jukebox retailer based in Löhne, Germany. Inside of his two unremarkable warehouses, he built a combination between shop and showroom for his huge collection of modern and classic automats.

With customers from all over the world, his setup and decoration are ever-changing yet based around the idea of the American Dream.

This interpretation of the American Dream is the focus of my photographic work. Zubec built his enterprise all on his own and still manages it today with his significant other, Petra Knollmann.

My photos emphasize the clash between tidiness which is usually attributed to German culture and the most maximalist approach often found in America.