And now we need windows. C41 is always closer to your eyes.


I choose to flip through magazines always on the same day of the week. Once a week, twice a month… not to mention every little kiosk in the train station or at the airport.
But we saw the same thing. A quick glance at the new releases. From afar. No rush.
Then you tiptoe quietly into your comfort-zone. You must be alone, no one can bother you. Worst-case scenario you’ll need to wait until the territory is clear to fin in. You’re not greedy, you can respect other people’s time.


Territory is clean. You rush into it headlong:  starting with the ones you will undoubtedly take. Just a quick look, – you already saw online preview of this issue – just curious about the insert. You already go your hand full and you’re thinking about want to left behind to save a few bucks in your pocket.

And this is just a couple hours of a day, of a week, in which this happen. Now you can fall in love through the windows, while rushing and sipping your cappuccino. Come closer to see how deep this is. Come in and browse around.
Closer to you and craving to be heard.