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Niklas Janke stops time through scenarios that flee from normal life

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Niklas Janke says about himself:

“My name ist Niklas Janke. I am a striving hobby-photographer from Berlin. I started out with a digital camera but switched to film pretty quickly. Now I shoot almost exclusively on film. Most of my shoots are urban sceneries. But I try to find interesting objects to shoot whenever I get out of the city aswell. I alway try to keep my shots simple and only have very few things shown in the frame to not have other things distract from the center of attention. Composition is key.”

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About ‘Quiet places‘:

For this project I searched for lonely manmade objects in a nature environment. They convey a sense of tranquility and time standing still. They are meant to be visual getaways from hectic life in modern societies. But they also show that even in remote places humans have left their traces.

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