MIA Photo Fair 2016 Is On

Mostra 2012/2013
Photo: ©Carlo Borlenghi


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It’s that time of the year again. All the photography enthusiasts – we’re definitely in the first row too – will be attending MIA Photo Fair, one the most accurate fairs of contemporary art photography based in Milan, Italy. Talking numbers, arrived at its 6th edition this year, MIA will host 80 galleries coming from 12 countries, 230 artists, 15 editors and 20 independent artists.

Opening today until May 2, the event directed by Fabio and Lorenza Castelli is for anyone who photography is his/her passion number one or feels pretty curious about how photography changes and what new challenges it keeps on facing. We say many.

MIA Photo Fair 2016 will be photographs – yes – but also specific talks, exhibitors, special projects, galleries whether presenting collective or single works, and Proposta MIA – a fine selection of photographers proposed by the fair itself.

And if a long weekend full of photos isn’t enough, there’s still the web. The news is, for the very first time in MIA’s history, the fair created Collection MIA, a virtual hub connecting artists, gallerists, and collectors. From May 15, you’ll also get the chance to buy your piece of art online.


1. Andrey Kezzyn | 2. Liu Bolin | 3. Carlo Borlenghi | 4. Daesung Lee | 5. Francesco Bosso | 6. Jacob Gils | 7. Davide Marino | 8. Ruben Brulat | 9. Alfred Drago Rens |
10. Shadi Ghadirian | 11. Edward Burtynsky | 12. Iwajla Klinke | 13. Andrea Boyer | 14. Steve Thornton| 10. Shadi Ghadirian | 11. Edward Burtynsky | 12. Iwajla Klinke | 13. Andrea Boyer | 14. Steve Thornton

1_Andrey Kezzyn_press

2_Liu Bolin_press

Mostra 2012/2013 Photo: ©Carlo Borlenghi

4_Daesung Lee_press copia


6_Jacob Gils_press

7_Davide Marino_press

8_Ruben Brulat_press

9_Alfred Drago Rens_press (1)

10_Shadi Ghadirian _press



13_Andrea Boyer_press

224_Steve Thornton_press

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