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Odd is good: streets are Max Slobodda’s playground

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Max Slobodda says about himself:

“My Name is Max Slobodda and I am long-term photo student from Dortmund, Germany.

I work as a freelance photographer for my living but besides different photo jobs, most of the time I’m on streets with my camera, hoping that the coincidence means it good with me that day.”

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About ‘New Streets’:

I am into Street photography since about 2-3 years after I’ve discovered the book ‘Street photography Now‘.
All these great photographers in the book and especially Matt Stuart changed my opinion about street photography.

I’ve started to see the streets as some kind of artistically playground for photographers. Like using different layers to recreate a new reality in the photos or to play with light and shadows to get surreal effects.

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The thing is that we live in a time where most people rush from point A to point B as fast as possible, while staring at their smartphones.

Lots of people in the cities don’t even notice the environment and people in it anymore. I think that’s a sad thing because there are so much great, funny and odd situations to explore while walking around a city.

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The New Street Photography‘ (that’s how i call it), definitely changed my vision about my environment and my camera helps me to catch these little absurd beautiful moments.

If others see that in my photos too, I’m happy. Because once your vision about street photography is changed you can never go back. And that’s a good thing! 🙂

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