The payback of equality: Maurizio Annese’s solo show, curated by C 41

Maurizio Annese X C 41 Magazine 3

This week we had the pleasure to look after the exhibition of the young Italian photographer Maurizio Annese. The prints of his body of work ‘Urban resistances’ were presented during the IF! Italians festival, and are still displayed at Elita Bar in Via Corsico 5, Milan.

Maurizio Annese X C 41 Magazine 8

Urban resistances’ talks about a group of refugees, finding their payback inside a soccer field; it is a story of friendship, equality, and upon how easy it is possible to tear apart the barriers of prejudice and cultural difference. It is the real story of Black Panthers, a soccer team who is winning many matches, including the one against segregation.

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During the premiere of the exhibition, many came in, looking at the pictures, stopping by some of them, getting caught by an expression, a detail, whatever. Between all those faces, you could have recognized some of the guys of the Black Panther’s team, mirroring themselves inside the images, squeezing their eyes around the frame looking for their faces.

IMG 0307

Besides the resemblance to the characters portrayed by Annese, you could have bet they were them just from a small detail: they have been smiling all the time.

IMG 0326

IMG 0328

These guys are not used to be in the public eye, and above all not in a good way. Looking at them during that night, it was clear Maurizio Annese succeeded completely in his purpose, which might have even been just telling a story, but that brought a group of guys to be recognized (by themselves as by all the others) as true people, just like everybody, or maybe even more: that night they were heroes.

Congratulation Maurizio, congratulation Black Panthers.