Matt Grimard and the struggle of a love story through a flower box.

How did this project begin? And how did you conceive this film?

We have to go back to fall 2015. I was in between commercial jobs and I felt the need to write a new personal project, a film. I wanted to speak for myself.
I sat down and started writing for a couple of days. The story was originally called ‘A Split’. It changed when I decided to make my story around one prop: the flower box.
I think it took me about 40 days to put the production together. So we shot the film on December 19th, 2015.
It’s was all self-financed and made possible by the help of my incredible team that came and worked for free.
When production was done, it took me 2 years to edit the film because I was too busy shooting commercials. Also, maybe because It took me over 20 versions of the edit before I settled on one.

When it came to voice over, I decided to write it like rap lyrics. I wrote the voice over late 2017 only when the edit was done. I wanted this to sound like an open letter to a loved one.

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What are the main themes, feelings, aspects you wanted to highlight in this film and why?
The idea was to tell a dark and sad story through a visual and beautiful twist.
It’s a story about opening up to others, literally by creating a wound into someone’s skin. It’s a call for help.
The main character wants to be able to be touched and to touch others.
I wanted this film to end with the metaphorical murder of the main character. It didn’t make the cut.
My protagonist lets his action speak for himself. He hides a deathly message inside a bouquet of flowers. Because he is unable to say what he wants to say.

(By the way, the flower box is a direct reference to the “Terminator 2” prop, in which the Terminator hides a shotgun.)

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Why did you decide to shoot both with video and “gif”? What aspect of the loop did you like the most?

I shot “Fleurs: Between Us Two” a year after I did my experimental film “GOMME”. I wanted to do narrative by using the same looping technique I created that year before.

We remember things in short moments; that’s how our brain and memories are constructed. And since the movie is a look at the past, I felt like using fractions of time (6-10 frames) was relevant.

I shot with the Red Scarlet camera, no pictures. I create the loops in editing. I decided to edit away from the computer by using over 200 printed stills from the movie. I printed every single shot on paper and I edited the movie like a photo-novel on my dining room table.

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To what drink would you compare love and why?

Get drunk on the best quality alcohol you can afford.

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What are your plans for the future?

I’m writing a new short film I will shoot in Kiev next month. I think it’s a father-son relationship, it is still a work in progress tho. I hope this one will release next fall.
I’m also really excited about summer coming.

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