Like cut flowers Marta has no roots and brings us into her world (NSFW)

Marta Zdulska (born 1984) – permanently bound with Wrocław, Poland and London, an Art History graduate from Wrocław University, Student Exchange in Copenhagen. In 2016 she showed her work as part of the TIFF Festival’s (2016) themed exhibition “IMMIGRATION/EMIGRATION”.

I’ve photographed since I was 18; mainly analog. I have acquired knowledge over
the years I spent in my friend’s uncle’s photo lab back in my hometown. It’s where
I bought my first films and learned how to develop pictures in the dark room. It’s
also where I met my mentor, who introduced me to Avedon and Mapplethorpe.

It made a giant impression on me. Since then I stared to arrange the phptpgraphic
space using my closest ones as models. In the last few years I’ve stayed in London – changing places, jobs, friends and lovers. I have been photographing people on the streets and backgrounds I have never dealt with in Poland, tho I managed to develop my own “emigrant” lingo with them.

I long for London and I long for Wrocław. I’m tired of London and I’m tired of Wrocław. I hope I won’t ever have to stay in one city


About ‘Fire is My Favourite Color’:

“What [Marta] shows us is a mutable world; an incessant shifting of surfaces and objects that can perhaps be photographed, poemed, collaged into sense – but in these images there is a beauty that does not contradict but rather arises out of this transience, that depends on this volatility; and it is a beauty that would elude us indefinitely were it not for the pilgrim’s readiness of her camera.”


Marta doesn’t write much about his photographs, she prefers to communicate through images in silence or even better listen to other people who observe, that it is more inspiring. Many of them, the observers, are like a diary of her emotional states, are their faces that allow her to create something new.

The title of the project “Fire is my favorite color” speaks of the artist’s story, is like an autobiography. After a series of misfortunes culminating in a fire in her London flat, she decided to have no more ties material and starts to wander.

With just a suitcase, her camera and a bunch of flowers. Like the rotten flowers that carry around, Marta no longer has roots, vaguely for the world in search of inspirations, people, objects and colors that can give life to his photographic projects, mirror of her soul.










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Alice De Santis
Published on
21 October 2017
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